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Arrested DevelopmentMSN is streaming full episodes of Arrested Development online at The video is flash based. Each episode is split into three chapters and each chapter starts with a fifteen second advertisement (which you can mute). Seasons one and two are completely available. Episodes 1-6 of season three are available. FOX Streaming Full EpisodesFOX is streaming full episodes of Bones, Justice, The Loop, Prison Break, Standoff, Talkshow (with Spike Feresten), Til Death and Vanished with it's streaming service "FOX on Demand". The episodes are streamed using MovieNetworks Quantum Movie Player.

Launch FOX on Demand to watch full streaming FOX episodes Pros:High quality video and audioFullscreen avalibleFull seasons archivedSome episodes have no commercial breaksCons:Windows onlyDistracting advertisements on webpage (fullscreen mode eliminates this problem) NBC Streaming Full EpisodesNBC's streaming service is called Rewind. Rewind is streaming the latest full episode of 30 Rock, Heros, Friday Night Lights, Kidnapped, Studio 60 and 20 Good Years. The episodes are encoded with flash video and can be viewed embedded in their webpage or (near) fullscreen. Commercials are included and can not be skipped.

Launch NBC Rewind to watch full streaming NBC episodesPros:(Near)Fullscreen avalibleFlash video, no special plugin requiredCons:Small selection of showsOnly one episode per showVideo quality could be better CBS Streaming Full EpisodesCBS is streaming full episodes of several series (The Class, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, How I Met Your Mother, Jericho, NCIS, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Numb3rs, Shark, Smith, Survivor and The Unit) with it's new service called Innertube. Innertube allows users to stream full episodes with Windows Media Player or Real Player. The video can be viewed fullscreen, embedded in the CBS webpage or in Real Player. The episodes contain advertisments that can not be skipped (unless you are using Real Player to watch the episode). One interisting feature of Innertube is the "Boss Button" wich pauses the video and pops up a fake email client.

Launch Innertube to watch full streaming CBS episodesPros:Fullscreen avalibleLarge selection of shows and episodesGood quality audio/videoCons:Windows Media Player or Real Player required ABC Streaming Full EpisodesABC is streaming full episodes of their most popular series Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Ugly Betty, Six Degrees, and The Nine. ABC is using flash video to stream the episodes so Windows Media Player and Real Player are not required! The latest four episodes of each series are available. The episodes have 30 second breaks for advertisements which can not be skipped.

Launch the Full Episode PlayerPros:Flash video, no special plugin requiredLatest four episodes avalible of each showGood quality audio/videoCons:No fullscreen optionNo volume control except for mute/unmuteUS only

1. StreamingtvepisodesIt has some good shows too. You have to register to watch though.It has a custom google search engine that you can use to search for streaming TV episodes. The search engine currently searches YouTube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion and Bolt for videos.

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3. Cbs News ChannelAll the cbs news at a click of a button.

4. Video GlathAnother good site, which offers a few shows not available elsewhere: Chappelle’s Show, Entourage, Jackass, Mythbusters, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, The Sopranos, Weeds and many cartoons.

5. Video GlathIs one of the best Tv replacement website out there. It has A LOT of movies as well as TV episodes to choose from. The player they use allows fullscreen viewing and looks great too!If you’re over 18 you can turn the family filter off

6. Worldwide Media ProjectYour home for Audio and Video Broadcasts from around the World. Tv and Radio stations by country. The good thing is that you can download the list of tv and radio stations in the playlist format.

7. DemocryDemocry is a free application you need to install in order to get access to the free tv.“It’s pretty simple. You get a better internet video experience with Democracy Player because you can do more and you can do it more easily. Some people call it a ‘TiVo for the internet’ or a ‘Firefox for videos’”.

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11. World Wide Internet TeleVisionWWITV: World Wide Internet TeleVisionYour Portal to watch live and on demand online TeleVision broadcasts. Required bandwidth: From 28.8Kb/s to 1500Kb/s.

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America's Next Top Model
Created and executive-produced by world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks, "America’s Next Top Model" chronicles the transformation of beautiful young women into fierce supermodels. Fourteen participants live together and vie for an opportunity to be managed by a top modeling agency, land a fashion spread in a national magazine, and score a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl. Cameras catch every melodramatic moment as participants face weekly tests which determine who makes the cut. With mentoring by host Tyra Banks and exposure to high-profile fashion industry gurus, the finalists compete in a highly accelerated modeling boot camp -- a crash course that could lead to supermodel fame. Participants are asked to demonstrate both inner and outer beauty as they master complicated catwalks, intense physical fitness, fashion photo shoots, and publicity skills, all under 24-hour-a-day camera surveillance. Episodes

Desperate Housewives
Following her suicide, Mary Alice Young keeps tabs on the friends and family she left behind on the bucolic suburban cul-de-sac Wisteria Lane. Behind the facade of this postcard-perfect neighborhood live four women whose lives are anything but idyllic. Clutzy single mom Susan is looking to turn around her romantic bad luck. Frazzled business exec Lynette has her hands full raising her rowdy boys and now helping her husband, Tom, launch a pizzeria. Ex-model Gabrielle and her estranged hubby are in a constant power struggle. And "Miss Perfect" Bree is trying to reupholster her way to happiness while constantly facing chaos and trouble. Episodes

The Hills
Get a dose of high Hollywood drama on "The Hills." This spin-off of MTV's hit reality show "Laguna Beach" follows a group of gorgeous rich girls as they navigate the L.A. social scene, their budding careers, and a web of current and ex-boyfriends. Event planner Heidi has dropped out of college and is now engaged. Magazine intern Lauren ended up on the cover of both Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine in 2006. Rounding out the clique are aspiring actress Audrina as well as Lauren's colleague Whitney. Lauren isn't speaking to Heidi, who's engaged to Spencer, who's not speaking to Brody, who used to date Lauren, who... well you get the picture. If you think their lives are hard keep up with from your couch, try living it all in Jimmy Choos. Episodes

Gossip Girl
"Gossip Girl" is the TV adaptation of the breakout book series by Cecily von Ziegesar. Every step (and misstep) that the privileged prep school teens of Manhattan's Upper East Side take is well documented on the website of the all-knowing Gossip Girl. No one knows the true identity behind Gossip Girl, but everyone in this glamorous and exclusive world depends on her for the latest juicy rumors. The most recent scoop is that gorgeous queen bee and notorious party girl Serena van der Woodsen has returned to the city from a stint at boarding school. Serena's sudden appearance upsets her former BFF Blair Waldorf, since Blair is by no means about to give up her position at the top of the popularity food chain. This is just the tip of the drama iceberg and Gossip Girl will be sure to dish up all the details. Episodes

Dancing With the Stars
"Dancing with the Stars" pairs eight celebrities with professional ballroom dance partners in an intense live competition. Each season has a select number of celebrity/professional dance pairs who are judged by a panel of experts as well as by the viewers at home. As one team is eliminated each week, the couples must maintain their focus, grace and composure while learning precise movements and maneuvering in extravagant costumes. Will they remain compatible during the course of the competition or step on each other's toes? This show has it all: over-the-top wardrobe, dazzling dancing, celebrity gossip, behind-the-scenes training, and contemporary music performed by a live 15-piece band. Episodes

The Singing Bee
If you can barely get up the courage to sing karaoke in a local bar, wait until you get a load of the brave souls doing it on national television. In "The Singing Bee" contestants have to sing the exact lyrics (sorry, mumbling doesn't count) to popular songs after the band stops playing. Hosted by former 'NSync member and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Joey Fatone, "The Singing Bee" is at its most entertaining when contestants don't get it right.Episodes

Men in Trees
Anne Heche plays Marin Frist, a relationship coach and best-selling author, who starts life afresh in Alaska after learning that her fiancé has been cheating on her. Frist must forget everything she has learned about men and gain new knowledge about love and relationships. "Men in Trees" follows Frist through her life's new journey, as she realizes that the important thing she must learn is to follow her own advice. Episodes

High School Musical 2
Who knew a TV movie about a group of musically-inclined teenagers would become an international phenomenon? In the sequel to the super successful "High School Musical," school's out for summer and pals Chad, Gabriella, Taylor and Troy have landed summer jobs at Lava Country Club, which just happens to be owned by the wealthy family of their sneaky schoolmates, twins Sharpay and Ryan. The teens spend their summer singing and dancing poolside as Sharpay continually tries to break up adorable couple Troy and Gabriella -- played by real-life boyfriend and girlfriend Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. more

Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll
Beware: after just one episode you won't be able to get the song "Don't Cha" out of your head. But if that's OK with you, then tune in for a peek inside a doll house full of catfights (no pun intended), skimpy costumes, heavy make-up, and burlesque-style dance routines as the all-gal group chooses its next member. Dolls' founder Robin Antin, rapper Lil' Kim, and Geffen Records head honcho Ron Fair serve as judges, while singer-turned-TV personality Mark McGrath hosts. In season one, 19-year-old Asia Nitollano was chosen as the next doll, but the former New York Knicks dancer opted for a solo career instead. So as not to end up with the same doll debacle a second time around, season two will focus on forming a brand new group called Girlicious. Episodes

American Idol
If it wasn't for this mega-hit musical reality competition, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and good old Sanjaya wouldn't be household names. "American Idol" follows three judges: meanie Simon Cowell, ever-professional Randy Jackson, and positive Paula Abdul, as they sift through thousands of hopefuls around the United States to find the best pop singers around the country. Viewers then get to vote (and vote, and vote...) on which unknown crooner will walk away with a record deal and the fame and fortune that are sure to come along with it. Episodes

October Road
After leaving his hometown a decade ago, successful novelist Nick Garrett has returned to Knights Ridge, Massachusetts. Not everyone is giving him a warm welcome, however. Nick has been completely out of touch with friends and family for years and has included many of his high school cronies as less-than-impressive characters in his popular books. Now Nick has to make amends with those he left behind, as well as his former girlfriend, Hannah, who thought he'd return to her in six weeks, not ten years. Adding to the drama, Hannah now has a son who was born shortly after Nick skipped town. Could Nick be the father? That's what he wants to know... Episodes

So You Think You Can Dance
Fox teams up with the creators of "American Idol" and the producers of "American Bandstand" to find America's favorite dancer. After a nationwide casting call, dancers take part in a grueling 12-week competition in which some will stumble, some will collapse under the pressure, and one will dance his or her way into America's heart. Contestants perform a particular style each week with a partner, and the audience votes on their favorite couples. After the bottom three couples split up to perform solos for the judges, one male and one female contestant are eliminated. Lucky for the dancers, the grand prize has grown along with the show's popularity. At the end of Season 3, winner Sabra Johnson was awarded a whopping $250,000. Makes us want to start taking lessons... Episodes

Hannah Montana
The sugary-sweet Disney Channel show "Hannah Montana" follows the life of 14-year-old Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), who's hiding quite a secret: she's actually the pop-singing superstar Hannah Montana. Miley, along with her brother Jackson and songwriter dad Robbie (played by Miley's real-life dad Billy Ray Cyrus of "Achy Breaky Heart" fame), emigrated from Tennessee to Malibu where the whole family is adjusting to life on the wacky West Coast. Famous or not, Miley still must deal with all of the usual teen troubles while attempting to keep her true identity under wraps. Episodes

The O.C.
In a wealthy and idyllic harbor-front community in Orange County, California, everything and everyone appears to be perfect. Beneath the surface, however, is a world of shifting loyalties and identities. The kids are hiding secret lives from their parents, while their parents are hiding secret lives from their children. "The O.C." tells the story of the Cohen, Cooper, and Nichol families, who cross paths with troubled teen Ryan Atwood, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who will forever change the lives of the residents of The O.C. Episodes

Considered one of the wildest soap series ever, "Passions" takes place in a picturesque small New England town called Harmony. Despite its name, Harmony is far from a peaceful place. The Cranes, Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Bennetts and Russells make up the town's dynamic and diverse residents as their lives, loves, and losses continuously interweave with one another and lead to wonderfully wacky situations. Episodes

Beverly Hills 90210
This trendy, long-running drama from the '90s deals with the experiences of a group of pretty kids with ugly problems in filthy rich Beverly Hills, California. The soapy and addictive series focuses on the kids’ struggles from their sophomore year in high school until their college graduation as they make and break friendships and deal with romances, family crises, tragedies, and an array of social issues. Episodes


South Park
This animated series, which follows the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, is not for little kids. In fact, its unstated mission is to offend whomever it pleases. With no plans of stopping anytime soon, the show has taken on Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, politicians of every stripe and self-important celebrities.Episodes

Family Guy
Animated series about a bizarre New England family, lead by thick-headed dad Peter Griffin, who is as tactless as he is clueless. His harried wife Lois struggles to maintain normality in their home life but can't seem to control him. Rounding out the household is angst-ridden teen queen Meg; eighth grader Chris, an overweight underachiever; baby Stewie, a cute, clever two-year-old who already has his mind set on world conquest; and Brian, the family dog, the brainiest of the bunch. Episodes

The Boondocks
Based on Aaron McGruder's controversial comic strip, "The Boondocks" follows the lives of Huey and Riley Freeman, African-American brothers who move with their Granddad from the inner city to the suburbs. Huey is a self-styled revolutionary forever railing at the state of society, while younger brother Riley is a wannabe gangsta. Episodes

King of the Hill
Set in Texas, the animated series "King of the Hill" features the life of propane salesman Hank Hill who lives with his substitute teacher wife Peggy, wannabe standup comic son Bobby, and deadbeat niece, Luanne. Episodes

Beavis and Butt-head
Spinoff of MTV's animated series, "Liquid Television," follows the adventures of two teens wandering through suburbia. They frequently watch television and critique music videos. Episodes

The Ren & Stimpy Show
An animated series that relates the adventures of Ren, a scrawny, temperamental chihuahua, and Stimpy, a loyal, gullible cat. Episodes

American Dad
From the mind of Seth MacFarlane ("Family Guy") comes the first animated comedy about homeland security. Stan Smith is a CIA agent with a doting wife, a liberal daughter, a social awkward son, a goldfish with the brain of a German guy and an alien from Area 51. Agent Smith is creating a climate of fear, but all in the name of hilarity. Episodes

The Simpsons
A segment spin-off of "The Tracey Ullman Show," this animated series depicts the ups and downs of the Simpsons, a strangely typical American family living in Springfield. The family includes Homer, a father whose head is often ruled by his stomach and who works at the local nuclear power plant; Marge, a loving, nurturing mother and wife who tries to keep peace in the family; son Bart, a smart-mouthed hell-raiser; Lisa, an intelligent and philosophical middle child who plays jazz saxophone; and baby Maggie, who communicates her thoughts via various sounds on her pacifier. Episodes

An animated series about Fry, a 25-year-old pizza boy who is accidentally frozen on December 31, 1999 and unfrozen 1,000 years later. Episodes

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
In the year 2030, technology has advanced to such a point that people and machines are starting to integrate into one. But despite the advances, crime is still rampant and a task force of humans and cyborgs is needed to bring criminals to justice. Episodes

Drawn Together
Television's first "animated reality show" throws together eight cartoon archetypes, including a party-hearty superhero, a naive, racist princess prone to singing, and a sexually ambiguous Anime hero in a house where cameras are on them all the time. As with most other reality shows, conflict ensues. Episodes

Freak Show (Comedy Central)
Freak show performers employed by the United States government as part of a second-rate superhero group known as the Freak Squad take on the cases rejected by the world famous, first-class Justice Squad. Episodes


Dirty Jobs
Are you tired of fetching your boss' coffee and dry cleaning? Is your job taking you nowhere? Searching for a new career? Join Mike Rowe as he goes to work with laborers, who make their living doing the most unthinkable, yet vital jobs. Each episode finds Mike apprenticing hardworking men and women as they overcome fear, danger and oftentimes stench to accomplish their daily ewww-inducing tasks. Mike wholeheartedly assumes the duties of each job with a hands-on approach. Whether it's picking up five-day-old road kill and transporting it to a crematorium or extracting and cleaning skull bones from beetle- and maggot-eaten carcasses, Mike sees it as all part of an honest day's work. "Dirty Jobs" will make you cringe and gag, but it'll also leave you with an appreciation for people who tackle these tough jobs everyday. Making coffee doesn't sound so bad anymore, does it? Episodes

The Ultimate Fighter
Sixteen competitors who are disciplined in a variety of mixed martial arts including karate, boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, and kickboxing come to UFC Octagon in Las Vegas to train for the most intense battle of their lives. Only one fighter will claim victory over a six figure contract with the UFC. Don't mistake these fighters for Nacho Libre, 'cause these guys are the real deal. The guys go head-to-head in the ring where hard punches and kicks are thrown and a lot of blood is shed. This is serious business -- if you don't come with your A-game, you will definitely get hurt. Episodes

Man vs. Wild
Tourists tend to overestimate their adventurous spirit and more often than not find themselves lost or in grave danger when exploring popular wilderness locales. Bear Grylls, an ex-soldier and professional adventurer, purposely immerses himself in remote survival scenarios, armed with only the basics (a knife, a water bottle and a flint). His goal is to find his way back to civilization -- and to give viewers tips on how to do the same. Bear has feasted upon a zebra carcass, live fish, snakes, and frogs, and in an effort to stay hydrated, he has resorted to drinking his own urine and the water from a large pile of elephant poop. You'll watch in disbelief as Bear crosses an active Hawaiian volcano, navigates a Costa Rican jungle, jumps into a frozen lake and escapes quicksand in the Moab Desert. So far, it looks as though Man is beating out Wild by a long shot. Episodes

Survivor: Fiji
Africa. Thailand. Islands in the beautiful South Pacific. Sounds like a dream vacation? Not if you're one of the castaways competing on CBS' granddaddy of all reality shows "Survivor." The norm on this show is to lose a ton of weight as your food intake drops dramatically. That may sound like a trip to the spa, but the Survivor menu has consisted of giant clams, fish eyes, peanut worms and pig snouts. Mmm, tasty! The natural elements, bugs, and lack of shelter all take their toll on the body, mind and spirit, but exhausted castaways are still expected to compete in grueling physical and mental challenges to gain immunity and rewards. The $1 million prize goes to the person who can outwit, outplay and outlast their competition. Episodes

Deadliest Catch
Discovery Channel's Emmy-nominated show "Deadliest Catch" follows eight crab-fishing vessels in the very lucrative and extremely dangerous fishing industry up in Alaska. Braving unimaginable weather that pounds out snow, ice, wind and rogue waves, the men aboard these boats search beneath the Bering Sea for modern-day treasure: Alaskan King Crab. Many a man has perished during the weeks out at sea. Every crew member risks severe hypothermia or the possibility of getting thrown overboard. The intense scenes of the fishermen working the rails and hauling the massive 800-pound crab pots while their boats fight crashing 40-foot waves will leave you biting your nails and in complete awe.Episodes

The Amazing Race: All-Stars
Ready, set, go! Unlike most reality shows, the "Amazing Race" isn't a popularity contest. It's about traveling to different and often remote parts of the globe and doing wild and sometimes dangerous tasks unique to each region. Bungee jumping to the bottom of a gorge in New Zealand? Check. Going down an Olympic luge track in Canada? Check. Drinking pig's blood in Transylvania, Hungary? Yep, the Racers have done that too. Not for the faint of heart, this reality show is 100 mph right from the get go, and the winning team earns a $1 million prize. Episodes

I Shouldn't Be Alive
Ever wondered how it would feel to be lost at sea in shark-infested waters? How about being kidnapped by rebels in the Cambodian countryside? Or even falling off North America's highest peak? Well, wonder no more. "I Shouldn't Be Alive" is a show that retells the real-life experiences of people who have had close encounters with death. Trust me, you would never want to be stuck in these heart-stopping situations, but that doesn't mean you can't learn from others' life-changing experiences in the safety of your living room. Episodes

Fear Factor
One of the original "gross-out" shows, this stunt show kicks the adventure/danger element to a whole new level. Six competitors square off in increasingly complex and jaw-dropping stunts. Some of the delectable dishes contestants have had to digest include maggot-filled cheese, pig rectum, and rats that have been chopped up. Besides all the tasty menu items, the other tasks have been memorable as well: jumping out of a 15-story building, being dragged under a train and swimming with alligators. If you need a rush of adrenaline, this show is just what the doctor ordered. Episodes

"Survivorman" Les Stroud scrambles to survive in far-flung places without food, fresh water, shelter, tools and or oh yeah, a camera crew. Les is abandoned in the wild for a week with nothing but his wits and stamina to sustain him. While stranded in the middle of nowhere, he must document his experience with his unique one-person camera rig and over 50 pounds of camera equipment. In each episode, Les is forced to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles -- like trying to find or make food and shelter -- in brutal environments with extreme weather conditions. Along the way, viewers will learn helpful techniques and methods of survival. Les has survived the Costa Rican rainforest, the frigid Artic Circle, the arid Sonora Desert and the gator-infested wetlands in Georgia. What remote location will he be abandoned in next? The only guarantees are that it won't be pretty, it won't taste good and Les will definitely be very uncomfortable.Episodes

Unlike most reality shows, these guys are doing insane stunts just for the fun of it. Yeah, that's right. There are no cash prizes or extravagant vacations for the "Jackass" boys, just a whole lotta hurt and laughs. Johnny Knoxville and his band of merry troublemakers have participated in the most outrageous, cringe-worthy stunts on TV. From intentionally getting hit by a moving vehicle to pranking unsuspecting office workers by plunging from the ceiling onto the desks below, the guys have pushed their bodies' pain thresholds to the ultimate limit and have made the people around them as uncomfortable as possible. As always kiddies, don't try any of these stunts at home. Episodes

Wild World of Spike
Martial arts expert Kit Cope, pro skateboarder Jason Ellis, and comedian Sam Tripoli join forces as the extreme sports copycat threesome. Kit, Jason, and Sam watch footage of different kinds of stunts performed by people all over the world, and then they try to re-enact what they’ve seen. These guys have fought a female sumo wrestler, thrown themselves into freezing water, and tried their hands at bizarre sports like log boxing, shotgun bowling, and dirt skiing. In this case don't follow by example, because it's not a good idea to be kicked in the groin just because you saw it on TV. Episodes

Racing 4,000 miles across America is a tremendous event. Throw in prize money, explosive (literally) challenges, a wrestler (Goldberg), and souped-up cars and you've got yourself a wild 'n crazy rally race. (Get an inside look of "Bullrun" here.) Twelve teams of two struggle to get to each pit stop first to avoid having to compete in outrageous challenges where tires screech, rubber burns, headlights break and huge chunks of metal go flying. Fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight! Episodes

Bam's Unholy Union
Part of the original "Jackass" crew, professional skateboarder Bam Margera rose to fame with the CKY crew, who did skate videos. Known for his willingness to do any stunt, no matter how humiliating or tasteless, Bam got his own show "Viva Le Bam," which in turn spawned his latest shot at reality fame, "Bam's Unholy Union." This time it's all about his wedding to fiancée Missy Rothstein. Of course, nothing with Bam is simple, as evidenced by the crew splattering the bride-to-be's gown with paintball pellets. Thankfully it wasn't her real dress. And where else but with Bam Margera would the bride be offered a spread in Playboy with her groom as a guest photographer? Episodes

MXC, or "The World's Most Toughest Competition in Town,' is part comedy and part game/reality show. Contestants are put on teams and take part in different challenges to win points for their teams. The team with the most points at the ends wins. Sounds simple, right? Hardly! Most of the tasks are extremely difficult and can lead to being on the top ten "Painful Eliminations of the Day" list that gets recounted at the end of the show. Competitors have put on giant nut suits, chased pink rabbits, and beat goat bladders with a meat mallet. Oh, by the way, this all came from a Japanese show. Maybe it's something in the sake. Episodes

Road Rules
Imagine having to live in a cramped, smelly RV with five other attention-starved 20-somethings. This veteran MTV adventure show follows six people as they embark on challenge after challenge, banking money for each task completed, as well as moving closer to earning "a handsome reward." The team has traveled to all different parts of the world in past seasons, including Latin America, Australia, the South Pacific and the Northern Trail. Some of the missions have included extreme rock climbing, Volcano bungee jumping, becoming a stunt person and driving while blindfolded. A new element this season is a chance for viewers to vote in challenges to compete against Road Rulers for a spot on the RV. Episodes

The Crocodile Hunter
The infamous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, surpassed all kinds of extreme reality TV when he had a fatal encounter with a stingray during the filming of his show. Fret not because during his long, dangerous, and exotic career he conquered such wild beasts as venomous snakes, tiger sharks and of course, crocodiles. Steve also traveled through the jungles of New Guinea and surfed the waves in Indonesia, leaving a legacy of jaw-dropping adventure for the enjoyment of viewers all over the world. Eposides
YouTubeWell, duh. We had to start with the big one. Not much to say here except: user uploaded videos, lots and lots of them, all free. Yeah, and lawsuits, too.

JoostAnother much-hyped favorite from the authors of Skype is still in beta stage, but i actually delivers on all fronts: P2P system for delivering content; solid amounts of good content, great GUI, almost glitch-free work, quality video. If you can snag an invite, you’ll be in for a treat.

BabelgumBabelgum is similar to Joost in two ways: P2P-based content delivery, and free but ad-supported content. The service is in open beta, and everyone is free to try it out, although the amount of daily downloads is limited. Channels include news, music, documentaries, sports, animation, and others. The content plays smoothly, and the interface is great, although not as polished as Joost’s. Hint: don’t give up if the video doesn’t start immediately; it takes some time to buffer it and there’s no visible indication that it’s happening.

ZattooA p2p-based online television with a downloadable client focused on European (over 50) channels. Unfortunately, it won’t work if you’re not from one of the supported countries.

VeohVeoh has a slightly different concept than other services on this list. Their downloadable player acts like a VCR: you can save movies to it for later viewing. Although it’s possible to watch videos online on the Flash version of the Veoh player, the focus is on offline (or at least desktop) viewing, and videos longer than 45 minutes can be viewed only on the desktop player. Available videos include both user generated content as well as professionally produced, sometimes copyrighted stuff.

NGTVNGTV, which is short for No Good TV, is the television you don’t want your daughter to watch. Or at least it tries to leave that impression: in reality, it’s similar to what kids see on TV everyday: lots of music & entertainment, lots of foul language, and long, long intros for every episode.

DemocracyDemocracy is actually a media player which you can use to watch media files on your hard drive. But, the difference is in that it also lets you connect to all of the big video hosting sites and many independent publishers. Finally, it’s a media organizer, which lets you bundle all that offline and online videos into one neat collection. The result is a great online video experience that’s not quite as effortless as Joost, but it sure beats visiting all those video sites and podcasts and looking for stuff by hand.

EpisodeNetworkEpisode network is a large link list, pointing to videos around the web. They’re not hosting any of the videos on the site; but bear in mind that since the material includes blockbusters and entire TV series downloading the stuff might be just a tad illegal.

DailymotionOne of the biggest video sharing sites around, Dailymotion is as old as YouTube, and nearly as successful. Unlike YouTube, it’s still not sued by every media powerhouse under the sun, so you can still find a lot of good stuff there. For a list of TV series available at Dailymotion, check out this site.

Google VideoAlthough Google has bought YouTube and Google Video is slowly fading out of the picture, it’s still a very large video sharing site with tons of content and an UI that wouldn’t mind a makeover.

BlinkXBlinkX is a video/audio search engine which claims to have indexed over 12 million hours of video. Since it’s a search engine, you’re hardly gonna be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the shows, but it’s great for finding that elusive video you think you saw three weeks ago but you were too drunk to remember what’s it’s called or what’s it about.

ChannelChooserA windows media player based video portal offering a large selection of TV channels. Simple layout and interface, very little annoyance.

FreetubeFreetube is one of those sites that keep it simple: no downloads, no subscriptions: only lots of neatly categorized shows. It didn’t work all that well for me, but some users say that it’s their favorite service, so try it out.

TeleveeA shoddy and confusing (actually, largely nonexistant) interface on this one ruins much of the fun, but if you manage to find them, there are some good shows here (watching Prison Break as I write this).

GubaGuba is a combination of video sharing and video rental, which means you’ll have to pay for some of the content. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of good stuff to be found in the free part of the site. GUBA enables download of the videos to your PC, iPod, PSP, and other portable devices. The site is also unique for the fact that it finds content on USENET groups.

WWITVA directory of links to TV streams, organized by country. You might get a bit frustrated using it because many of those streams don’t work, and they come in a variety of formats. The directory itself is quite comprehensive, covering most of the world’s countries with at least one channel.

Blip.TVBlip.TV is a video sharing site that focuses on user-crated shows. This means less noise and more coherence than YouTube, and some of the stuff on here is, indeed, quite enjoyable. A great place to find the next Spielberg, or at the very least the next Larry Clark.

ChannelKingAnother list of streams with an insultingly tiny Windows Media Player to watch the content in. Use only if desperate.

Stage6Stage6 is a video sharing site built to demonstrate the quality of the DivX codec. It sports a sleek interface and a large selection of videos. You’ll need a special plugin to access the videos - the DivX web player - but the quality of DivX-encoded videos makes it worth your while.

TVUnetworksTCUnetworks is a China-based P2P TV company, which means you’re mostly be able to find Chinese channels there, but some of the content is in English, too.

Don’t Watch MeA very rudimentary list of links to various video content.

Tape It Off The InternetTape If Off The Internet, or shorter TIOTI, is a service for tracking your favorite TV shows. The service has been around for a long time - since 2005 - and it’s still in beta, which is not a good sign.

StreamickWhile the page itself is just a (quite ugly, we might add) collection of links to various streams, there is some good content to be found here.

TV LinksTV Links is another one of those which fall under the “can this possibly be legal?” category. It’s a nicely organized collection of links to episodes to popular TV shows. Enjoy it while it lasts.

ABCA selection of ABC shows, will work only for visitors from the United States.

Free Movies CinemaA carefully handpicked selection of rare and interesting movies collected from various online sources. It’s a small but intelligent selection, and most movies on the list are definitely worth watching.

PeekVidA selection of downloadable TV shows and movies, including some very popular ones like Buffy, 24, Pimp My Ride and others. Also includes a quite comprehensive selection of anime.

Fox MySpaceOn its MySpace page, Fox is offering several of its popular TV shows for free - if you’re located in the United States. Some love for the Europeans, please?

TV VideoA nicely organized list of episodes from the most popular current shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and 24. Is it legal? We don’t know, but it’s there. Make sure to expand that tiny video player to (almost) fullscreen size.

Choose and watchAnother one of those long lists of categorized streaming content that opens in a Windows Media Player. They index over 300 channels, and, as they say, some of them have to be good.

Streaming TV EpisodesABC, NBC, CBS and FOX free TV episodes in one place. It’s not much, but it’ll save you some time.

Your TV LinksAn ugly, but quite comprehensive list of TV shows, cartoons, anime, music and commercials.

ITVITV is the biggest commercial television network in the UK, and you can watch some of their content for free on their website. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like the real thing; instead of full episodes and shows, expect highlights, trailers and short clips


All My Children
Set in the upscale East Coast city of Pine Valley, "All My Children" revolves around the intertwined relationships and secrets of several families. The residents of Pine Valley tackle issues like addiction, abortion and homosexuality. At the center of the drama is Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and her many husbands. Kane's dominating personality often dictates much of what happens in Pine Valley.Episodes

General Hospital
This soap charters the trials of Port Charles' medical center. The wealthy Quartermaine family is the looming presence in town, with interests in much of the city's businesses. The enduring love of Luke and Laura Spencer continues, even though Laura has been committed. Mob boss Sonny Corinthos, meanwhile, struggles to maintain his grip on power. The series has flirted with sci-fi, sexy aliens, adventurous location shoots and a late '90s mafia madness storyline. Episodes

One Life to Live
The tempestuous town of Llanview is where secrets abound, mostly about the Lord and Buchanan clans. Viki Lord Carpenter, the daughter of newspaper tycoon Victor Lord, is the backbone of Llanview, having been through it all, including suffering from multiple personality disorder. Episodes

As the World Turns
The residents of the fictional town of Oakdale fire up this soap series with scandals, relationship difficulties and big-league betrayals, especially amongst the Hughes and Snyder families. Episodes

Guiding Light
The fictional Midwestern town of Springfield is the home of daytime's grande dame. This soap captures the daily life and love tribulations of the Bauers, Spauldings and Chamberlains, including the always vivacious Reva (Kim Zimmer), called daytime's most outrageous heroine.Episodes

The Young and the Restless
The Newman and the Abbott dynasties represent Genoa City's upper class. Powerful businessman, Victor Newman runs Newman Enterprises and has never stopped loving his former wife, Nikki. Jack Abbott and his sister Ashley are closely connected with the Newmans, both personally and professionally. Katherine Chancellor and Jill Foster Abbott are perennial foes. The families stir up trouble with one another in the bedroom and the boardroom, where love triangles are plenty. Episodes

The Bold and the Beautiful
Set in the glamorous world of the Los Angeles fashion scene, "The Bold and the Beautiful" is the story of the wealthy and powerful Forrester family, headed by Eric Forrester. His company, Forrester Creations, is the leader in the fashion industry. The flamboyant Sally Spectra owns the rival fashion house and attempts to give the Forresters a run for their money. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is known for it’s exotic remote shooting locations, glossy runway shows and, of course, the fast-paced storylines about beautiful people behaving badly. Episodes

Days of Our Lives
“Days of Our Lives” follows the Horton and Brady families as they endure the romantic trials of life in Salem. Salem is a Midwestern hamlet filled with evil geniuses, star-crossed lovers and rich family history. Along with intertwined love stories, this soap series has toyed with suspenseful way-out-there plots that include satanic possession and mind control. Episodes

Considered one of the wildest soap series, “Passions” takes place in a picturesque small New England town called Harmony. Despite it’s name, Harmony is far from being peaceful and normal. The Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the Bennetts and the Russells make up the town’s diverse residents where their lives, loves and losses continuously interweave with one another. Episodes

Port Charles
"Port Charles" focused on the romantic lives, loves and adventures of several popular characters that originated on "General Hospital," and the dynamic young doctors who strove to balance their demanding careers with their tumultuous personal lives. A flop with young-doctors-in-love tales, the serial adopted the Spanish telenovela format, using 13-week 'books' to chronicle rock-n-roll vampires, sexy angels and other occultish offerings. This leap into the out-there killed crossovers with its parent soap, along with the ratings. "Port Charles" airs weekdays on SOAPnet. Episodes

Ryan's Hope
Ryan's Hope was a soap opera which aired on ABC from 1975 through 1989. It focused on the Ryans, a Irish Catholic fnamily in New York City who owned a tavern. The serial was about their struggles through life along with the struggles of their friends and enemies. "Ryan's Hope" airs weekdays on SOAPnet. Episodes
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